Telehealth for all Australians and Bulk-Billing for rural and remote Australians, through Emerge Psychology™

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Australia’s first and longest-serving  private provider of psychology Telehealth services.  We provide treatment of depression and anxiety disorders through Medicare.

We provide evidence-based cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) models, acceptance and commitment processes, with continual investments towards utilising gold-standard and continually-advanced therapeutic approaches.  

Attending your appointment is as easy as clicking on the link that we will send to your email.


There are three ways you can book in –

(1)      Online – click here: Bookings taken here  

(2)       By secure Fax 03 8677 2540 

(3)      Email our end-to-end encrypted account:      intake@emergepsychology.com.au   

                           Postal Address: PO Box 3155 Brighton VIC 3186

                  Phone line for General Practitioners: 1300 963 723

A note to GPs:  All referrals received are examined for suitability for Telehealth and suitability for our service on a case-by-case basis.  This may take some time and patients must be adequately supported across this transition time.  Indeed, due to the limitations of Telehealth, patients do require local support, and ascertaining that adequate local supports and safety plans exist, is part of our intake assessment process.  GPs must indicate upon referral, whether the patient is going to book in themselves, or whether GPs would like us to contact the patient to arrange an appointment.  We will advise referring GPs if we require further information to complete our intake assessment and will reply to the referrer in the event that we are not able to accept your referral.

Current Wait Time

On average, the expected wait time currently is ten days before the initial session.

Number of Sessions Bulk-Billed

With a GP referral, through Emerge Psychology™,  rural and remote Australians in MMM4-7 can access up to ten bulk-billed telehealth psychology sessions per calendar year.

Non-rural patients

We regret that we can not offer bulk-billing to all patients.  For those who reside in a regional or metro area, normal billing rates apply; that is, a gap fee of $95 per 50+min Telehealth session on top of your Medicare rebate.  At this stage rebates are available until Sept 30 2020 due to the pandemic.

All Allied Health Clinicians at  Emerge Psychology™ are

  • Medicare Providers
  • Registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
  • Actively engaged in CPD and peer review to support their delivery of Telehealth 
  • Working as part of a multidisciplinary team 


Is it essential that I have a referral from my GP?

Yes, it is essential that you have a referral from your GP that is dated prior to your initial Telehealth psychology session.  

How will I access my appointment?

When you book your Telehealth session a confirmation will be sent to the email address you provide.  This confirmation will provide a link to Emerge Psychology’s videolink platform.  At the time of your appointment simply click on the link provided and join your session.  It may take some adjusting to for the first few minutes, but this platform has been applauded by patients nationally who have used it and is used by health departments and Beyond Blue as well as Emerge Psychology.

Will my data be safe?

Emerge Psychology’s IT platform meets security standards, privacy legislation and is consistent with the Code of Ethics of the Australian Psychological Society.

What if I have been affected by the bushfires of 2019-20?

The Government has introduced 10 Medicare rebatable services in each calendar year for two years (2020 and 2021), referred to as the Bushfire Recovery Access Initiative (BRAI) for those who have had an adverse change in their mental health as a result of a bushfire which occurred in the 2019-2020 financial year.  Through Emerge Psychology™ these videolink psychology sessions do not require referrals and are bulk-billed to Medicare.  Instead of the usual requirement for a referral – simply add BRAI beside your address when booking with a psychologist and we will contact you to discuss prior to your appointment.

How are bulk-billed rural/remote Telehealth zones determined?

Simply enter your suburb


and check that you live a zone in the Modified Monash Model between 4 to 7.

What information is sent to my GP?

Following your initial appointment your GP will be advised that your appointment has taken place.  Following the 6th session and final session your GP will be updated on your progress.  This information is not used for any other purpose than treatment planning. Your personal details are not used for any purpose other than planning the service provision of psychology services in rural and remote Australia.  Your data is protected by the IT platform in place and the processes legislated for registered psychologists. Great care has been taken to protect the security of this system.

What if I have poor reception?

It is likely that, even if you have poor reception, you will be able to access Telehealth as Emerge Psychologyy’s IT platform uses a small bandwidth for ease of connectivity.  Many have found it surprising how easy it is to use, even in areas of poor reception.  It is ideal that sessions be carried out by videolink, instead of telephone, so great care has been taken in sourcing a secure platform with reliable connectivity so that your consultant psychologist is only one click away.

What if I need to change my appointment time?

In your confirmation text you will be provided with instructions on changing times where required.  It is requested that wherever possible adequate notice be given to enable this resource to be best-utilised.

Will there be a cost to my mobile phone or internet data charge?

The advice received by Emerge Psychology is that there is no platform cost incurred by the patient, other than that derived from minimal data use, which is generally negligible and similar to data used through accessing music or videos on the internet.

What age groups are seen through Emerge Psychology?

We work with clients aged 10 years of age and over.

What if I don’t have internet connection?

It is important to have a quiet, private space for your consultation and internet connection.  This can be on 3G or over your computer line.  In some areas of rural and remote Australia this could prove challenging.  Your local community health centre or library may be able to assist.  If you do not have means of accessing internet connection regularly, please contact Emerge Psychology’s Operation Manager, Mark, and provide your contact details.

Can I see a Psychiatrist through Telehealth?

Yes, several psychiatrists provide Telehealth Services and at Emerge Psychology we now offer in-house bulk-billed psychiatric opinion and treatment for existing rural and remote (and a gap-charge for regional and metro) patients.

What if I need attention sooner?

  • Emergency Services – 000 – if in immediate or imminent danger;
  • Lifeline on 13 11 14 [or Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800] if you need to speak to someone urgently about how you are feeling;
  • Suicide Call Back Service – 1300 659 467 – provide support through immediate counselling, and can provide further telephone counselling sessions scheduled according to your needs. They operate seven days a week and is a free nation-wide support service;
  • Headspace (12yrs – 25yrs) – 1800 650 890 – access information and support about mental health and wellbeing; or
  • If you wish to make a claim for disaster assistance, please call Services Australia on 180 22 66 or 131 202 to talk in a language other than English

NEW POLICY: Our psychologists at Emerge Psychology all work independently in their own thriving private practice locations around Australia.  The precious resources of their skills must be best-utilised, therefore, we regret to advise that a $50 cancellation fee will apply to cancellations with less than 24 hour’s notice, in the unlikely event that we are unable to re-fill the appointment.

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With any queries or concerns please contact Operations Manager,

Mark Ralphsmith at markr@emergepsychology.com.au

By using this resource and attending sessions through Emerge Psychology Pty Ltd, you are agreeing to the provisions of this Disclaimer and

Consent Agreement – must be read and agreed to before the first session

 Queries about the terms can be made to Emerge Psychology’s Operation Manager markr@emergepsychology.com.au

A note on Privacy within Emerge Psychology

Please note that while every attempt has been made to develop our online platform to meet privacy standards; administrative assistants and psychologists associated with Emerge Psychology may see your name and email address and contact details on our online platform, if you do not wish for this to occur please advise markr@emergepsychology.com.au so that we can advise your clinician of your individual code name. 

Recording of sessions: Under no circumstances are psychology sessions permitted to be recorded by any party.

Please ensure you have read the following prior to your initial session and advise your consultant psychologist of any questions:

Policy for Management of Personal Information


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